Ever walked into a store and saw something you couldn’t take your eyes off and think you just have to buy it? But…. you look at the price, gasp, sigh and quietly put it back! It happens to everyone. How you wish you could magically zap all the lust-worthy clothes you see on your favorite celeb, on the runway, in a high end designer store or heck, even on Pinterest, right into your closet.

Well, you could do that. Sort of. Not by magic but by looking for inexpensive alternatives and lookalikes of your favorite luxury pieces at lifebysonam! You can mimic look, They’ve got some serious fashion! You don’t have to necessarily burn the bank to look fabulous. Sometimes happiness is found in your very own backyard.

LIFE works every outfit like a dream. Her signature style is ethnic ,LIFE have a very strong eye and mind for details –The  clear creative vision,  flowers, fabrics, colours and looks were all Experimented on me which made the entire process extremely thrilling!

Fashion is a statement of who you are. Your clothes define you. Don’t blindly believe in “fashion rules” because those are what everyone’s following. You break em’ and create your own trends and styles that reflect your personality. So next time you’re pondering over whether to wear cham cham dress or contemplating on wearing  your choice, just do the damn thing and work it!

“Fashions fade. Style remains eternal.” Its about adding a hint of newness to your wardrobe.

She wears sequins and bright colours and some innocence’s pastel colors like her armour  And makes it easier for you to spot her. Really! She knows her way around clothes – ask her about sari or suit stitched. She’ll know how to twist according to personal style or  can be copy it to perfection. I know how hard it is to style sheer outfits, you need to be really smart playing ‘Peek a boo’ while styling them . Tailors, karigars  they are all on her mind always rolling

lifebysonam offer  their customize dresses  that set a monotonous day on a roller coaster ride trends are a breath of fresh air and a visual treat!


the dress is perfect and suits the young and ever so effervescent

I have been majorly focusing on interesting insights on Indian and Global fashion scene

we know we were authentic and served our divine design with honor.

Now let me exaggerate My degree in Fashion gives me leverage to be a little critical designed keeping in mind the current fashion trends.

I have always admired, understated classic style Follow my heart and went ahead with the biggest fashion trend .However, some things are truly timeless and classic. You can wear the heck out of them for seasons to come but they will never go out of style. Whatever may be runing style statement, old pieces can be styled in a million ways and cater to every fashion sensibilities.

In this world driven by fast changing fashion trends, our lust for the best and the hottest things hanging in our closets increases several notches each year. What may seem hot this year, may be outdated the next year!

You’re sure to make a statement when you feel an outfit might turn out to be too girlyI hope you don’t want to look too serious, do you ?

Outfit that enhances your curves and fit like a glove,Behind every creation is a true essence

When styled the right way you can make an utterly chic and eye grabbing statement.

Wondering what’s the best way to dress up?

A number of trends come and go but if you have your basics ready, you’re well-equipped to face the war!

Personal style evolves so quickly that you wouldn’t realize it.I prefer structured minimalistic outfits . Don’t be too quick to judge a trend because you might end up wearing it few years down the line.

We give LIFE to everyone.Every piece have “life” written all over them

Lifebysonam  attention to detail and ability to meet the customers needs sets it apart from others  , All you fashionistas cannot give this a miss!

Who do not have access to Indian clothing or are fused up with going out for hunting have easy access over internet and spot there choice just right there. What next?? Just mail your preferences [Knowing your style is important but describing it isn’t!] and order it right there.

Stop by to get your very own dress custom made for your body, just as they should be!

At Life, we know that getting the perfect fit is important and hard to achieve. That’s why, we’ve set up our very own studio to create and perfect all your tailoring needs. From chic lehengas to sexy saree,from classy ethnic to customize dresses,  our team of tailors, masters and designers are here to make you look stylish everyday.

All you have to do is email us a picture of a look you would like to recreate, something you spotted on your favourite celebrity or even a product on the website that isn’t in your size and our team will contact you for your measurements and preferences. To order your made to measure garment and learn about this exclusive service, simply email us at


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